HTML draft

State-of-the-art drafts that comply with your needs

HTML draft is based on a graphic project.

The pro of the draft is the possibility to use it in plenty of ways.

It is a visual base for websites, stores, mailing, sales auctions etc.

Our products are based on existing standards.

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Auction drafts

eBay draft is a base of good sales!

Auctions in auction portals are a more and more popular sales method.

Do competitor’s drafts beat your auctions?

Thanks to our drafts your product will stand out from your competition’s auctions.

Drafts we make comply with eBay requirements and your needs in full.


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Mailing drafts

Send your offer to your clients

We create an individual graphic project complying with your needs.

Mailing draft is an ideal base for sending your offer to your client’s mailbox.

Thanks to a draft you can quickly create an offer leaflet.

SDraft are used as well in contact messages or as company footers.


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Do you need more complex project?

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